Storming the *yawn*

11 December 2009 § Leave a comment

Less than one raiding night.

That’s how long it took us to clear the new content. Four bosses, down in less than 3 hours – all of them have been 2-shots, where basically we did the first attempt to figure out the various abilities and to translate the strategies and videos into actual visual (and auditory) cues about what is going on, and then the second attempt to execute the strategy. That means, of course, that we’re now back to where we were before – with all content cleared, and nothing new to look forward to for quite some time.

Now, let me make one thing clear: I think Icecrown Citadel is GREAT. The fights are a lot of fun, there’s a good amount of trash (5-6 pulls before the bosses), the atmosphere (room art, mob models, music) is perfect. The patch in general is fun: the LFG tool is great and although Halls of Reflection is quite challenging for PUGs I think it’s a really nice instance. The problem, once again, is the gating system. In fact, I really think the problem is the double gating: the fact that you cannot get to the end bosses, and you cannot even try hard modes on the bosses available.

As much as I hold my raid in the highest esteem, I don’t think we’re the best players around. We’re good, we’re pretty coordinated, we tend not to die too much to fires. But really, two-shotting bosses doesn’t really mean that there’s a challenge – and if there’s no challenge, then our enjoyment of the instance will be lessened quite dramatically. I don’t begrudge Blizzard the choice to make normal modes very easy. I simply would like the option to do more difficult stuff – even just allowing hard modes for the four bosses available would improve things dramatically.


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