A New Year! A New Wing! New Posts!

5 January 2010 § Leave a comment

I’m back! Life is slowly going back to normal after the craziness that are the holidays, and I’m starting to think about a lot of new posts I want to put up here. We’re also looking forward to the Plagueworks which will (hopefully! Please?) open tonight on our realms.

Also, Paolo over at Penance Priest has an interesting interview with Sinespe, a priest who focuses on 10-man raiding. He makes similar comments to what I said before about 10-man raiding: great idea, half-baked implementation in that Blizzard still needs to decide whether it’s a full progression path (and then it should have more varied loot available, covering all slots, and possibly also its own legendaries), or just something to keep 25-man raiders occupied in their off-nights. Here’s hoping that with Cataclysm they will push the 10-man philosophy further. Here’s a link to Sinespe’s own blog, Anathema: he is apparently more Shadow than Disc, but we’ll try not to hold it against him.

Finally, Zusterke has surpassed himself again, with a great post on theorycrafting haste vs. crit for Disc priests. The conclusion is a vindication of Paolo’s philosophy of “strike a balance”, which I’ve been following for while now.

That’s all I have time to do today. I know, I know, I’m just recycling other people’s posts: bear with me, I swear to share some mediocre nuggets of wisdom with you before the end of the week.

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