22 January 2010 § Leave a comment

Toys in the attic, I’m craaaaazy!

Well, actually no – I’m not going to ask a groupie to run to the bedroom, in the suitcase on the left you’ll find my favourite axe. However, my life has been a bit crazy in the last two weeks, which resulted in me missing the raid both times. Last week, I had to rush home because my father had a minor medical emergency (which seems to be on the way to getting better, thankfully), and this week I spent the night before the raid worshipping the porcelain gods, thanks to a fantastic stomach bug that seems to be doing the rounds around here (my nephews had the same, so I may have got it while I was home visiting, ironically enough). That means I have yet to see the Crimson Halls, and/or attempt Putricide after what I last reported. My raid is doing ok, though they still haven’t got Putricide: apparently, they got caught in a 2-healers are not enough, 3-healers make us lose too much dps kinda situation, so hopefully my coming to heal may improve that, right? Right?

Ok , don’t answer that, never mind….

Hopefully, next Monday I’ll be able to go for the last 6 attempts on Putricide, and we’ll get him down (I hope). Then, next Wednesday, I’ll be there for the full clear.

In other news, I think I’m almost done with Emblems of Triumph loot for most of my alts – which is awesome on one side, pretty sad on the other. I guess I’ll start getting a lot of gems from now on…

In other, other news, I’m reorganising my links. Mostly, I found a couple of good resources for 10-man raiding strats and comments, and I decided to group them together with the Anathema blog by Sinespe. So, the 10-man raiding link category is born!

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