Queen no more

28 January 2010 § Leave a comment

The Blood Queen fell today, after 7 attempts. A very interesting fight, which involved a lot more teamwork than usual. The fact that bite victims get to choose who to bite themselves really adds a nice strategy twist to the fight.

We used 3 healers (myself, a holy priest and a resto shaman), and I think we really cannot afford to go down to two – at least, not now and not in the immediate future. Maybe when we can waltz through the encounter and do it with eyes closed – but as I said, not something I think will happen soon.

The first couple of attempts people were getting used to the Essence of the Blood Queen/Frenzied Bloodthirst debuffs, and gauging ranges for the bites etc. We also had the usual series of wipes as people understood the mechanic behind the links, the swarming shadows, and the AoE splash damage of the bloodbolts.

Our biggest hurdle was the third bite phase, when the 4 people with Essence bite 4 more. Initially, this was happening during the second air phase of the Queen, so we would have the combination of bite + splash bloodbolt kill someone (me, in both cases – and one more person in another case). We decided to avoid this by waiting as much as we could on the first two bite phases – and thus managed to have it happen when she’s landing after the second phase, when the bloodbolts are mostly stopped. Also, we chose to “spare” myself and the holy priest, and instead bite the tanks, who by then have enough of a lead they don’t have to worry about threat anymore. This allows the two of us to chain our Divine Hymns, thus a) healing immediately the damage done by 4 bites; b) increasing the health of most people in the raid, which meant the bite damage could be absorbed more easily.

With 5 dps all with a debuff it was then kinda easy to bring her from 25% to 0 in about 10 seconds…..

This is a poster fight for Fear Ward, by the way: her first air phase is about 2 mins into fight, so if you Fear Ward yourself just before the pull, you will consume that Ward with the first fear, then it will come back up when she’s landing and thus you will not worry about fear – at all. Admittedly, our weird, bring-the-player-not-class raid includes 3 priests (one of each spec) and 3 shamans (an elemental, an enhancement, and a resto/enhancement) – so coupling that with a couple of extra undead, fears are something we can handle pretty well…. Still, fear ward means your casts are not interrupted, and given the amount of damage on the raid is pretty high, I’m thankful for that.

We then cleared to Putricide, before my computer decided to decide I had played enough and started giving me some nice BSODs and refusing to restart. This had indeed started yesterday, and I had managed to make it start enough for the two raids – which was awesome enough. I’m sorry my raidmates had to suffer through my late arrivals, and then through 35 mins of me restarting my PC. I also hope my raid managed to kill Putricide without me, though I know full well how hard it is to find replacements at 5am servers. Honestly, though, and quite selfishly, I’m quite happy I was there for all the awesome first kills of this week!

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