I’m back!

9 February 2010 § 1 Comment

Three hours after I completed the last post, my computer died completely on me. Two days later, I left for a ski week – which means that buying a new computer had to wait until the following Monday. So, here I am – on a new laptop, working my way through the installation of all applications, the recovery of all my old files (most of which ARE recoverable, thank heavens) and dealing with the usual madness that is one week of news and e-mails and work. The good news is that my new laptop should handle WoW better than the old one (and yes, I play WoW on a laptop – the size of my apartment means I don’t really have a dedicated space for a PC, so a laptop makes more sense) – better processor, more RAM, about the same graphics card. The bad news is that I went from a traditional US keyboard, to a dumb French one. You may think this is a relatively minor issue – and it is, in the grand scheme of things. However, the French keyboard is radically different from the US one: it is an AZERTY keyboard, which means your “a” (a fairly common letter, we will agree…) is in the position where you would normally expect a “q”. Also, numbers require the shift key, for some reason (which makes me doubly happy about the number keypad). In short, any spelling mistakes you see for the next two weeks is just me getting used to the weird position of some of the keys.

In the meantime, things have progressed for WoW and for Dawn Vigil. Our holy priest, Naicella/Naieve, has started posting videos on YouTube – which I think is awesome: check them out here. Through those videos, I found out that Dawn Vigil has killed Valthiria, and is working on Sindragosa (may well have killed her Monday, for all I know…).

On the Blizzard side, Frostwing Halls has been released – and the blues announced that Invincible is going to be a 25-man only drop, which of course made 10-man raiders feel snubbed again. Anathema, Dreambound and Ancestral Knowledge all cover the issue, and I don’t think I can add anything more to their considerations. There’s a million ways Blizzard can use to make sure that something as cool as Invincible remains exclusive to the best raiders, without limiting it only to 25-mans. Once again, Blizzard needs to decide whether 10-mans really are a possible developlent path, or not. The good news, out of all this, is that it seems there is a  community of 10-man “hardcore” raiders, which partially answers my question of a while ago – although of course this could be just a very vocal minority as opposed to a decent chunk of the community.

Speaking of Ancestral Knowledge, Rul makes the same suggestion I made about loot ilvl. Now, if only Blizzard listened to us…

And for the final update about the 10-man blogosphere, Anathema is, apparently, hanging up his mindflay and his penance following a /gkick. I may have more to say about this, because the dynamic he describes in his guild made me reflect about the dynamic in own raid – and how to avoid making the same mistakes. For now, I selfishly hope that he reconsiders his decision and finds a new home, simply because I enjoyed reading his blog – and 10-man blogs are rare enough as it is.

And that’s all I have time for, now – I may post some more later on, during maintenance.

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