T10 – again

16 March 2010 § Leave a comment

Last Tuesday I got my 2 piece bonus – I know, I know, took my sweet time. I should actually write a post about how NOT to spend Emblems of Frost, given I bought two items I may end up not using with the first emblems I got in Jan and Feb. Anyway, we then proceeded to blast our way through ICC (one hour to clear Lower Spire, lulz), and got to LK in one night, and I was really looking forward to checking the logs to see how much had that bonus counted for.

The answer? 0.9%

I’m not sure if I was just not using FHeal enough, I got really unlucky with procs, or it’s just that the bonus is lot weaker than I thought. All in all, that’s not too bad when you consider it: the 2 pieces in question were actually upgrades even without considering the set bonus – so, really, that 1% is just a little extra. I would be curious to hear from other Disc priests though, to know whether I’m not using the set bonus the right way, or this is the right number to expect. To be honest, it may well be the right number: given my estimate that the 4-piece would buff my healing by about 1.5%, having the 2-piece contribute around 1% would make sense.

In other news, the 4pc bonus has been tweaked again: instead of buffing Power Word: Shield and Renew it now buffs Power Word: Shield and Circle of Healing. While I think it makes more sense to benefit Holy through Circle of Healing rather than Renew, I’m still not very convinced by the bonus. I will probably try to get it anyway, to be able to use it (if I ever go into a 25-man, for example, or for fights like the Twin Valkyrs), but I think my main set will stop at the 2-piece bonus.

Finally, I realised after I posted last week’s considerations about T10, that I should really use the shadow shoulders instead of the Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads. Crit is always better than spirit, right?

To sum it all up, this is likely to be my regular set – or the goal to reach, at least:

I would also keep a shield-spamming set, with:

Finally, I would play around with a totally non-set setup, to compare with the 2-piece:

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