Lich King Impressions

29 March 2010 § Leave a comment

Kae over at Dreambound has not posted her stick strategy yet – so I refer you to the excellent tankspot post/video for a general strategy. As always, I will cover our own strategy and tips that seem to be missing from other people’s videos or official strategies.

Phase 1 – aka the boring phase

We positioned the LK on a corner of the platform. If you are in the middle looking at the throne we used the top right corner, but I guess any corner would do. The point is – you want to minimise the distance between the three groups of people your raid will be split in: 1. the LK tank and the melee; 2. the ranged and healers; 3. the add tank. If you can bear with my leet Paint skills, something like this would do:

We used a resto druid on the raid for Infest, a holy priest on the add tank helping on the raid and a Disc priest on the LK tank.


We moved to the edge of the platform in the corner we were in (the big black line in my Kandinsky above), and spread out in a line, or a string of pearls (cue the sexual innuendo jokes when I suggested this). Make sure healers are not next to each other, or they will have trouble reaching some of the raiders. Priests, this is a great time to use Hymn of Hope – though you may lose a tick from pushback because of Pain and Suffering, it is just about the only time where raid damage can be handled by one healer only, assuming you kept mending bouncing and preshielded a few people. Also, make sure to fade if the Raging Spirit is on you – this prevents an insta-gib of the healer which is never a good thing.

Phase 2 – where things get interesting

The main point of this phase is to collapse for Val’kyrs, spread out for Defile. We had one of our dps calling out whatever was coming next, and then moved accordingly. Note that the second val’kyr is lined up with a defile: sometimes we got the val’kyr first, sometimes the Defile. For this (and any subsequent double dare) we spread out to the inside of the metal circle that is etched on the floor, as a kind of compromise.

Healing wise, the first 15 secs are bad: one tank will have a Raging Spirit (with the cone-of-DAMN-I’M-SILENCED), the other will have the Lich King, Infest is going on, and everyone is moving around. No special tricks to handle this – except to absolutely keep Mending bouncing to help with Infest, even if that’s not your task for the fight.

Note also that warlocks can hax the Val’kyrs: 1. put down a Summoning Circle on the edge of the platform, before you move in at the beginning of P2; 2. Whenever you’re collapsing to the middle for a Val’kyr, make sure you’re standing a couple of steps off the middle, towards your circle; 3. As the Val’kyr lets go of you, teleport; 4. Profit! That of course means that all the raid can ignore those particular Val’kyrs and just focus on the LK for that time. Careful though: your port has a cooldown, and it has happened to us that our warlock got picked up twice in a row, and the second time his teleport was not up – and of course, everyone had ignored the Val’kyr by then…

Second transition

This is a lot trickier than the first one: mostly, you’re often spread out, and not in the right position like you were at the end of P1. Also, P2 gets you into a groove, so often the start of the transition is a bit of a surprise – which often means that you are not moving and thus die to Remorseless Winter. Same thing as the first transition though – just one more Raging Spirit and more damage because of some Remorseless Winter ticks.

Also, if the LK is at 42% and a Val’kyr spawns, you can keep dpsing the LK: assuming you tip him over, he’ll respawn the platform and the Val’kyr will drop you there. Two caveats though: 1. it takes a while for the platform to respawn, so make sure you allow for that time; 2. the person picked up by the val’kyr will eat a LOT of Remorseless Winter – so make sure he is healed through it.

Phase 3 – Total Chaos

The first 20 seconds of P3 are cooldown central: you will have 2 Raging Spirits, Defile, Soul Reaper, one Harvest Soul and the first 10 Vile Spirits, all going up. Oh and a partridge on a pear tree. This is when you ask everyone to use Healthstones. Make sure the target for Harvest Soul gets some heal, of course, and keep the tanks up – and pray that Defile positions are actually decent.

The Frostmourne room is not too bad: most dps will just kill the bad guy while interrupting his channels, while most healers will heal Terenas while dispelling the Soul Rip debuff. Resto druids, Resto shamans and Shadow Priests get to be lucky, and have to watch both targets: resto druids will need to bear bash the cast, possibly after having put a set of HoTs on Terenas; shamans of course cannot dispel, so will have to Wind Shear the cast; SPriests probably don’t have silence, so need to make sure the Soul Rip debuff goes off ASAP.

Outside, the main issue will be dealing with the Vile Spirits. The main point will be to move from one side of the room to the other: the spirits spawn on top of the LK, so once they are spawned you want to put as much space as possibly between them and you. Make sure that you spread out, so you don’t get hit by AoEs too much, and also keep healthstones, pots and anything instant ready to save you (I would like to thank Desperate Prayer for saving my ass over and over). You can also try to soak the spirits: we used a dps warrior blowing shield wall (and with Divine Sacrifice from our paladin up), then the Earth Elemental from a shaman, then an Army of the Dead. After you’re out of cooldowns, you go back to the traditional “the OT taunts them all and tries to survive”.

Remember, you only need to get to 10% to win 🙂

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