The King is Dead!

29 March 2010 § 7 Comments

After struggling for a week or two, we got everyone on a much nicer mood, got a new healer to replace Chabi who could not make our raid times anymore, and had a week of seriously good attempts. Today we were finally managing to get the Lich King consistently to P3 and so we finally could get some practice on the spirits. So, after almost four hours, having managed to use all my brownie points to stay raiding much longer than I should have, I finally call “Last pull of the night”. Readycheck comes back ready, we keep chatting as the intro goes on, then as usual I shield, PoM and penance the tank as the LK is going active…. and get instagibbed by it. Apparently, Ezma had been attacked by her daughter, and thus did not realise what was going on. We call a quick wipe, release, run back, rebuff and restart – and this time, Jarbel (our dps warriorร  is clearly afk and not moving. We go through a (much longer than usual) P1 and transition, and Jarbel still is not moving – we get lucky that Necrotic Plague from him jumps to a mob and not to someone else in the raid, but he’s not going to survive the platform demolition. As Arthas switches to P2, he comes back apologising – apparently, someone was at the door .

So we proceed through a flawless P2, a very smooth transition, and get into P3. We get the first 2 Vile Spirit spawns down, it’s my turn to be sucked into Frostmourne and I heal Terenas up (although I probably could have done it better/faster). Come back out, do 2 move Vile Spirit spawns, and Lyshai, our tank, goes down. Ezma picks the Lich King up perfectly well, and we start scrambling. He’s only at 16%, which makes this already our best attempt, but we have the tank and 2 dps down. Ezma goes down as he’s at 11%, and with 2 healers (Naieve and myself) and 2 dps (Pootar and Jarbel) up, we somehow manage to roll him over.

I really don’t think we could have cut it any closer than this…

Anyway, he’s dead, I got a new shiny staff, and we did it just in time to reset the instance and start on hard modes.

And I think that fight just aged me about 20 years…….

I’ll put up some considerations/tips for the fight tomorrow. I would also like to try my hand at writing some story about this – the death of Arthas is actually a pretty big thing for Tsark the character. As always, no promises though.

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§ 7 Responses to The King is Dead!

  • Demron says:

    Grats dude!

    • Tsark says:

      I remember someone promising to come back for the Lich King… We even have a 25-man raid now!!

      • Demron says:

        LOL awesome! Unfortunately I’m working these days, so my enthusiasm for doing anything bar sleep and other unmentionables (ie: reading, making fun of Kharmic with Rou, playing with Rofyll’s kitty) is a tad low ๐Ÿ˜‰

        But still epic grats ๐Ÿ˜€ We were just sayign a few weeks ago how we all imss you (just you though, not anyone else, especially Corsten, I made up a special Corsten Pillow to cuddle at night to replace him).

  • puggingpally says:

    Awesome, congrats to you all! We were killing him the same night. Such a great feeling. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Twinklestar says:

    Grats Tsark ๐Ÿ˜€ SLH 10 also got 10 man kill the day before~ More Kingslayers go! Though I’m curious as to why you don’t kill the spirits. It makes the phase much easier (in my opinion anyway).

    • Tsark says:

      We do a mix of kiting and killing – we found that killing them was not enough, i.e. seed was not getting them all and too many were getting to us with little health left.

  • Kusatteiru says:

    Grats Tsark. Your team definitely deserves the kill. I do agree with twinkie. Was homni not Seeding the spirits when they were up and other random aoe? Then again I haven’t taken a look at your WoL to see. Grats all around. Remember its not done till we see Tsark: Bane of the fallen King.

    We’ll see you there.

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