Heroic Marrowgar impressions

1 April 2010 § Leave a comment

You know, I’d heard that the first four Heroic mode bosses were a walk in the park. Well, I don’t know what parks you people walk in, but yeah, definitely not an easy and done deal. They are certainly a lot less complicated than the LK fight, but not free loot either. Except the Gunship Battle – THAT is free loot.

So, Marrowgar Heroic. The main difference are:

  • Bone Storm lasts one movement longer, and HURTS
  • Bone Spikes go off during Bone Storm too
  • Coldflame lasts longer and hurts

Of course he has more health, hits harder – but you kind of expect that. This fight is actually not bad at all, the problem is, you need to prioritise. See, if you’re used to roflstomping through normal, then you do all the phases without really paying attention. Moving to Heroics means you need to pay attention to details of the fight you may have forgotten in the meantime (I know I had!), but most importantly you will need to change your priority list because the importance of the various aspects of the fight may have changed. This is something I think is valid for all Heroics, and a lesson I’ll need to keep in mind.

Case in point: for Marrowgar, the normal phase will go as you’re used to. All dps and healers will be clumped up on his butt, while tanks dance with the coldflames. Yes there will be more coldflames down for the tank, yes everything will hurt more – but it’s basically the same.

The Bone Storms, however, are the crucial phase. There are two key messages here:

  • everyone needs to stay alive: this is essential. Staying alive takes priority over everything else. If you’re a dps and you can throw a heal or a shield on someone else who’s in trouble, do so. Use your healthstones. Heal yourself. Most importantly, spread out A LOT, because his bone storm does 13k where he is, and if more than 2 people get it, your healers are going to start using language that will make a dock worker blush (and healers, be careful not to have your PTT down when you do…).
  • the corollary to the message above is that Bone Spikes are NOT your main priority. Your main priority is staying alive, corollary spreading out. If you’re melee, you really should not be close to the bone spikes AT ALL. You don’t want to have 3 melee + the spike victim in the same spot, because that means there’s a 40% chance of him charging THAT SPOT, and the raid suffering an instant 50k+ damage spike. Let ranged deal with the spikes, heal the spike victims, and stay alive.

The big secret is that the bone spikes actually don’t hurt too much – it is the only ability that doesn’t scale up in Heroic. You still get hit for 9k at the beginning, + 10% health per second. You also don’t get hit by Coldflame, because you’re conveniently floating up. So, healers can keep you up through that damage, as long as you don’t get Marrowgar bone storming over a spike too.

Summing it all up, you start the fight as usual. About 7 secs before Bone storm, Marrowgar will throw a spike out. If you’re a healer, spread out around then. If you’re dps, use all your instants on that spike while spreading out. If you’re a melee, feel free to use about 2 GCDs on the spike, then move as fast as you can. To spread out, but still be in range of healers, we used the circular pattern on the floor as a marker – we tried to spread out at the edge of it, in the “string-of-pearl” configuration that we used on LK. For the next 30 secs, ranged kills the spike (we had ONE melee, Killetheth, our rogue, helping out: that’s both because rogues can cloak and survive, and because he does beastly dps), healers go nuts keeping everyone up, and everyone else focuses on staying alive. Once the Bone storm is over, you all collapse on one spot opposite where the tanks are, and start dps’ing him again. Assuming you don’t have people dying during Bone storms, you probably need to go through 3-4 of them to get the fight done – which is really not too bad at all.

On a more personal note: remember that 4T10 bonus that I said I’d never use except in 25man when shield spamming? Guess what, 10k shields are kinda useful here too, probably more than a more powerful PoM (admittedly, our having a holy priest helped me choose to go for stronger shields, because we already did have another strong PoM jumping). So yay for boring changed set bonuses that actually help 🙂

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