Heroic Lower Spire

20 April 2010 § Leave a comment

I realised that after my initial post on Marrowgar, I never really did post any other note on hard modes. Given I have a bit of a writer’s block about the rest of the game, I think it’s a good time to at least take care of some of the easier Heroics.

Lady Deathwhisper

Four main changes here:

  • She will mind control a raid member, who will become big, and deal more damag (same as in 25). Simply cc the mind-controlled person, possibly with something relatively short (I find psychic scream to be perfect).
  • Adds keep spawning in P2 – the tank who doesn’t deal with her should put some threat onto these guys to make sure they don’t go for healers. Note to any enterprising priests: the adds are all (or at least most) casters. If you run in and fear to cc a MC’ed melee, this will scatter the adds too – and because they are casters, they will stay scattered. That means tanks will have trouble keeping aggro on the adds, who will proceed to aggro on healers, which is bad. Although, yeah, of course, no-one will be so dumb to use Scream in P2, right? *looks shifty*
  • She is untauntable – so tank switches will happen because one tank will not be able to build any threat once his debuff stacks too high. That means threat will build a lot more slowly here than normal, and dps need to be absolutely sure to be below BOTH tanks in threat.
  • The ghosts in P2 explode for AoE damage, so it’s a good idea to spread around and make sure you don’t get hit by it multiple times. It is an even better idea to kite these ghosts so no-one takes ANY damage from them.

Our dps only attacks adds if they are threat capped on the boss – which means that we basically burn her down before adds overwhelm us. We prefer this to a “control” strategy of making sure adds die and not too many are up, simply because it’s easier to execute, but YMMV.

All in all, a fairly simple hard mode – certainly easier than Marrowgar.


There is only one change in this fight: rockets do a little knockback. When I read this, I actually had to go and read which ones were the rockets: it’s the ones that have a big pattern on the ground on their targeted area, forewarning where they will land. So yeah, you can imagine how hard this is. If you thought this was free loot in normal, it is even worse on Heroic…

Deathbringer Saurfang

The main change is that the Blood Beasts will apply a debuff on the raid that slows everyone’s movement. The second change is that if a person with a Mark dies, Saurfang will heal for an obscene amount (20%? Something like that) – in essence, if someone with Mark dies, it’s a wipe.

The main difficulty, however, comes from the ramping up of damage. In normal, I single heal this, and we go through it with out any Mark going out. In Heroic, we get 2 marks, and they HURT.

So, dps needs to be on top of their game to kill the Beasts asap, and you cannot afford to have any Beast hitting a dps at all – if the dps survives such a hit (and they will only if they have a ton of hits or a disc shield on them), Saurfang still gains considerable blood power, making the rest of the fight a lot harder.

For all the healers, this is one of the hardest fights I’ve healed. We switched specs around, so that our paladin tank now heals with me, our dps warrior tanks with our DK, and our druid and holy priest switch to their caster specs and dps. Paladin Beacon basically allows you to ignore the first mark, or treat it like a non-issue – a boomkin’s Typhoon is a boon, so it’s a win-win. Even so, once the second mark is out, we have either our druid or our elemental shaman heal that person, while I scramble keeping tanks and Blood Boil victims up and Lyshai beacons the first mark and one of the tanks (and gets innervated just before the second mark goes out, basically). We could probably do it without a paladin healer (we did our first kill without it), but beacon does simplify things.

Special note for paladins: Divine Shield and Hand of Protection prevent Saurfang from gaining blood power from Blood Boil. Make sure to use both abilities (HoP on the first target, and DS whenever you’re the target), because preventing him from gaining blood power is just about the most important thing.

Special note for healing priests: this fight will tax your mana (and that of your raidmates), so Hymn of Hope can be useful. The only time when you’ll be able to channel it is before the first mark goes out, as healing goes batshit crazy afterwards. So, once Saurfang comes out, focus him (you only have 1:45 secs of  introduction to do so…), and once his blood power is around 80, use your Hymn. Also, be careful about using Divine Hymn: hits on the tanks are too high to be healed through that only, so if you do it when you REALLY need it (with two marks out) it’s likely you will have a tank death. Use it earlier, as a way to save mana (with Inner Focus) – not late, as a way to heal as many people as possible.

And yes, this is by far the hardest of the Heroic fights in Lower Spire – and in fact, it is harder than some of the later fights too. So be very careful about it!

Next up will be Crimson Halls!

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