Heroic Crimson Halls

28 April 2010 § Leave a comment

Trying to catch up with all the hard modes/heroic, but it’s not easy! So, here we go!

Blood Princes

Changes from normal: Any movement will cause a debuff called Shadow Prison, stacking. This debuff will damage you when you move, and it can stack pretty high.

When I read the description, I got a bit scared, because honestly there’s a lot of movement in this fight. However, it turns out that I was worrying about nothing. Shadow Prison is a non-issue: the debuff will hurt you only when you move, so even if you have it stacked very high, simply stopping will prevent you from taking any damage. The stack of debuffs itself will reset after 10 secs of no movement.

That said, the fight is still pretty hard, but that’s mostly because of the amped up version of the usual abilities. Kinetic Bombs start MUCH closer to the ground, and need a fair bit more damage. Pets are  not enough to keep them afloat anymore, so ranged will need to keep a much closer watch on them. Bombs falling was actually our major source of failure, until we literally split the room in three quadrants (dais, left floor and right floor) and assigned one ranged dps to each section.

Everything else hurts a lot more too, so it is essential to minimise damage. That goes especially for the Keleseth tank: it is even more essential than in normal to keep 3 if not 4 orbs on him at all times, given the size of the Empowered Shadow Lances. The good news is that the shadow orbs give shadow resistance, which means that the tank does not have to worry about Shadow Prison too much. Careful though, because the tank healer still will have to limit its movements.

All in all, this is not a hard Heroic mode – it is however very frustrating, because a minor slip will cause wipes. My group got very far on the first try, but then it took us about 10 more before getting it, simply because as soon as one thing was going wrong, the whole raid was falling like a house of cards.

Blood Queen Lanathel

Changes from normal: the Queen now gains Presence of the Darkfallen, which increases her Shroud of Sorrow damage.

This is essentially the same as in normal: although the shroud will hurt progressively more, the difference will only be felt once you have many vampires in the raid, which is when their self healing will lighten the healing load in general. Air phases do hurt though (I was actually sure her Bloodbolt Whirls were affected by Presence of the Darkfallen too, before I checked the tooltip), so make sure you use healing/survival cooldowns during those. Also, because she has more health, the air phases happen slightly later, which means it is very important that bitten people wait until the end of Frenzied Bloodthirst to bite the next target. Basically, this will push the third round of bites towards the end of the second air phase – and considerably lighten the healing load of said air phase.

This is one of the easiest Heroic modes, and certainly the easiest one of the token-dropping bosses. It is very likely you will one- or two-shot it, even the first time you see it, as long as your raid has a clear biting order established and knows how to handle Swarming Shadows and Pacts of the Darkfallen.

I will post the Plagueworks soon (minus Putricide, which we’re still working on).

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