And now, a message from our sponsors…

19 May 2010 § Leave a comment

Looking for a web hosting site for your guild’s website? You may want to try out Enjin! I know I’ve been very impressed both with the site capabilities (in terms of graphical look, interface, modules and customasibility), and with their support: the suggestion I put on their official boards got answers within 24 hours, and that seems to be standard, browsing through the various posts. I haven’t handled any of the work on the Dawn Vigil site – Irons did that (for which he has my eternal thanks…). However, from conversations with him, Enjin can really deliver on lots of bells and whistles.

If you do decide to try Enjin, please click on the link above (which I will repeat here). If you do that, and eventually decide to upgrade to the paying version of the sites, DV gets a discount on our fees 🙂 So yeah, I’m being a bit of a mercenary – but I do believe in their service offering enough to feel like I would recommend it even without the affiliate advantages.

Back to our regular programming now!


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