Althor’s Abacus and Disc Priests

30 June 2010 § Leave a comment

So, barely 6 months after the opening of ICC25, I managed to get my hands on Althor’s Abacus. Given that I was still proudly sporting an Eye of the Broodmother, it was something I had my eyes on for a while – I had however passed to most of my fellow raid healers, because a. I’m not very regular in my attendance of 25-man raids: b. I was not sure about the value to Disc priests.

As it turns out, I was very wrong about the second point. After two raids and some log analysis, here’s what I can say:

1. The general information first: the trinket has a 45 second internal cooldown, and a high chance to proc once that cooldown is up. The heal from the trinket is called “Echoes of Light”, it can crit, and has some benefit from spellpower (with about 3300 spellpower in 10-raid buffs, I’m seeing heals for averages of 8500, and crits for about 12000). The heal can actually go to the target of the original heal, or to someone else in the vicinity. I cannot figure out the targeting behaviour of the heal – I suspect some smart targeting, because my overheal on this feels a bit low compared to my normal overheal, but I cannot confirm it.

2. Echoes of Light counts for about 3% of my effective healing in a raid. Sometimes it’s as low as 2.5%, sometimes as high as 3.5% – and that’s both in 10 and 25. I’m not sure what causes the swings. It is not related to how close raid members are: the trinket proc can (and in fact, often will) land on the original target of the heal, so even people standing in the middle of nowhere can get the trinket to proc. I suspect the percentage swings may be a “denominator issue”: in other words, in some fights I heal less because I’m moving more. In these fights, there’s more gaps between my heals – which means that a higher percent of those heal will proc trinkets, because the internal cooldown of the trinket will be up.

3. The heal can proc from the Glyph of Power Word: Shield. This is the big thing that makes it valuable for Disc: by transforming your #1 spell into a direct heal, you get a chance to proc the trinket. Of course, the irony of proccing a 5-7k heal from a trinket, from a 2k heal from the glyph is not lost on me…

4. The trinket heal can itself proc Divine Aegis. This is the second big thing: I am currently above 50% crit rate, when raid buffed. That means that 50% of the time, the trinket will shield for 33% more – which effectively adds 1/6 to its healing, which means that instead of 3%, it’s really closer to 3.5%. Keep in mind that of course that last .5% is in the form of an Aegis, with its advantage (effectively increasing people’s health, much better than healing them after) and disadvantage (has a chance of expiring without actually preventing any damage). As we all know, ICC tends to not let the second part happen, but I guess it’s fair to at least say it. EDIT: In fact, I actually think that the Abacus heal canNOT proc Divine Aegis: I’ve seen crit heal from the proc on people and no Aegis on them, either as a graphical effect or as a buff. I haven’t done any testing of this, but I suspect for some unfathomable reason this trinket does not proc Aegis 😦

5. As far as I can figure it out, the heal can proc from the 2T10 HoT from Flash Heal. This is not very easy to verify, but there are two instances of a trinket proc where I just cannot find any other heal in its vicinity that could have procced it. This doesn’t really change things that much, given that the proc chance is very high, once the internal cooldown is up. I guess we can field it away under “trivia about our class to impress other wow nerds”.

Note that all this means that Disc Priests are either as good as any other class to get the trinket (3% is about what all the other people that have the trinket have reported), or better (if you consider that Divine Aegis doesn’t get counted in Echoes of Light, but separately). So if you roll on the Abacus, and a resto shaman or druid starts complaining, send them here :-). As for me, now that Ruby Sanctum is open, I’ll pray for a Glowing Twilight Scale, after which I’ll actually be set for trinkets!


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