Ruby Sanctum impressions

1 July 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday we went into Ruby Sanctum, so I guess it’s time to share my impressions – and to rant a bit…


The instance looks really nice, and it has some quests to give some back story to the raid (a welcome improvement over its Obsidian relative). It also has a LOT of trash for our current standards. Interrupt the invokers, and cc the commanders as much as you can: they have a buff which increases their damage and the damage of any friendly mob in range, by an amount proportionate to the number of mobs in range. In other words, if you pull the commander and 4 more mobs together, the buff will make everyone hit for 100% more. Clearly, Blizzard was trying hard to avoid people just running around getting all the mobs and letting loose with the AoE.

The mini-bosses, we basically powered through. Baltharus has a whirlwind, which means melee needs to watch out and/or move out of it. He also has a buff to his damage, so the person who gets Enervating Brand needs to move (quickly) away from everyone else. Finally, at 50% he splits up: the second tank needs to pick up the copy, and move it AWAY from everyone else, as double whirlwind is bad. Focus dps on the original, the copy will despawn. Saviana is a ground phase/air phase fight: have a rogue/hunter de-enrage her, and when she flies up, have everyone spread out, so that Conflagrate only hits one target. If the tank gets conflagged, have the OT (or a dps plate using cooldowns) pick her up. General Zarithrian is a total joke: just keep dpsing him, when the adds come just move away from them, as they will just sit somewhere and spam Blast Nova.

So then we get to the main course of the evening. Halion is not a hard fight, but not a walk in the park either. I would expect PUGs to have trouble on him for a while, while regular groups will probably get him after a few tries. This is a link to a good strategy for Halion, so I’ll just add a few bits and pieces.

1. P1 is very easy: positioning the dragon on one side of the circle, and not in the middle, will make things easier, but it doesn’t really matter. The key thing is the dispelling of the Fiery Consumption debuff – if you have experience with Necrotic Plague on LK, it’s a similar problem.

2. In P2, the aura damage is actually relatively high. If you’re running with 3 healers (we switched to 3 after a couple of attempts), you want to have one healing the raid and one healing the tank. Halion’s damage is not a lot, but the aura combined with the dragon does add up. This is kind of the tricky phase: once you get the laser beam of death right, you’re set.

3. P3, keep 2 healers inside and one healer outside – we went with melee inside and ranged outside, but because of a slight imbalance in numbers, one of our ranged had to come inside. Just be mindful about it, and it shouldn’t be hard.

So, as I said, the tuning is not too bad: this is no Gunship battle, but it’s certainly no Lich King, which is overall quite appropriate. The lack of Garrosh’s buff of pity of course makes it seem harder than it really is – but it really isn’t, and enrage is not an issue, so as long as people stay alive, you will get it.

The rant

We all have experienced the big gaping holes in Blizzard itemisation. So, an additional instance, especially a bridging one like this, was the perfect opportunity to fill said gaps. Personally, I would have liked to see an offhand (with no mp5 or hit rating) or a pair of bracers (again, with a spellpower/haste/crit combo), as either pieces is missing from any ICC-level loot table. Of course, a caster shield would have been nice, given that the one on Sindragosa is not exactly in easy reach of most casual players (and the same goes for the 25-man Marrowgar one). So what do we get? All stuff with hit rating or mp5! *sigh*

This of course means that I will personally run the place once on normal, once on Heroic, and then be done with it. Not exactly sure what Blizz was thinking, in terms of staying power for Ruby Sanctum, but I’m pretty sure 2 weeks was not it. Now, of course, if some of my co-raiders realises that there’s some great pieces for their class/spec on Halion, we may run it more. But yeah, personally, I am a bit disappointed…


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