Plodding along

23 August 2010 § Leave a comment

Another big gap between posts, though this one is slightly more expected (and I just neglected to put up some kind of notice). I was actually on holiday for about 3 weeks, with a week of travelling to my hometown before that, which meant about 4 weeks of sketchy internet connection and full days.

I am happy to report however that the raid is still plodding along: my absence has pushed the raid to suspend the Heroic LK attempts, but we’re back in business now, and starting to see more of P2. Our best attempt got LK to 52%, and it seems we’re now consistently getting into P2, which is nice. The 30% buff of course helps, and I hope to be able to post soon that we earned our Bane of the Lich King title.

On the actual fight, I have little to say. It is an extremely fun, madly challenging fight. We’re lucky enough to have a Disc Priest and a Holy Paladin in our line-up, which makes for a slightly easier time – though slightly easier still is infinitely more challenging than anything else in this expansion. I am relegated to shield-botting and throwing the occasional Penance when I can spare the time, watching like a hawk all my cooldowns (Shadowfiend, Hymn of Hope, Power Infusion, Pain Suppression) to make sure they are used correctly and as often as possible. To be honest I don’t mind the shield-botting part: I would not want to be doing that throughout the whole instance, but on one fight it is ok, and actually provides me with a different healing dynamic than what I’m used to.

Our raid composition has changed slightly again: Ezma, our DK tank, had to take a leave of absence because of RL issues, and Ghych, our Shadow Priest, similarly ran into scheduling issues. We’re lucky enough to have Tandrakh join us as our second tank: finding a 277-geared tank played by a guy we have known since Tempest Keep available to jump into our raid was a real stroke of luck (due to his own raid collapsing about a month before). We are not really replacing Ghych, mostly because Naieve is back into sub status more stably, and we prefer not to have to train and gear anyone else for the time being. That, however, does mean we’re doing Heroic LK with no replenishment – which also explains why Shadowfiend and Hymn of Hope cooldowns become so crucial now.

For the time being, we completely ignored Halion Heroic – in terms of epicness, LK is much more fun, so we may have a look at our very flamboyant dragon only once LK goes down (seriously, Blizzard, the color scheme on Halion makes me cringe every time…)

The sad note in all this? Still no beta invite for me. I was hoping my previous stint in the Wrath beta (and the fact I did receive a Starcraft invite) would make it more likely I would get an invitation to the Cataclysm one – apparently, I was wrong. I am following the changes to Disc, but so far, it doesn’t seem like things will change TOO much – especially not for 10-man players, who are already using their full arsenal of spells rather than just PW:S.

That’s all for now – I’m hoping this new school year will get me back into posting more often. We are approaching the one year anniversary of the blog, so I’ll need to think up something 🙂

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