Happy Birthday!

1 September 2010 § 7 Comments

The Mediocre Priest is one-year old!

I am quite proud that I’m still blogging, and that, even with a few gaps, I’ve kept a relatively regular schedule in updating this. I think blogging has also helped me think about a few things, from strategies for various bosses to dynamics of priest healing to changes in the game.

On the negative side, I guess the blog is much more of a monologue than a conversation: my readership (if it can be called that way) is limited to a few friends on Feathermoon, and most comments are from Pill/Itanya – they are much appreciated, but I guess I haven’t sparked any discussion in the blogosphere, good or bad. I’m not sure if this is a good or a bad thing: as I said in the opening post, the blog was mostly intended as a way for me to think about the game and be a bit more reflective, but I admit I would have liked to transform this into a conversation – on healing, on Disc priests, on raiding, on anything. One of the biggest drawbacks of 10-mans is that you don’t have anyone else of your spec to talk to, and so miss on the myriad tricks and ideas that naturally arise when attempting to down a boss for weeks.

For the next year, I think I will try to be a bit more proactive in several healer communities, to try to increase my name recognition, thus sparking more interest in what I say, but also to get an idea of the debates that are “hot” at the moment. In fact, this really should be a goal of mine – I admit that I tend to despair of most forums, but most of the times I visited the PlusHeal ones I did find them better than the average. I should also try out the Blizzard healing ones, maybe? This may be a bad time though, as I guess most posts will be about Cataclysm and not having a beta invite I can only watch from the outside, as opposed to comment from the inside.

At worst, I can start a flame war with Itanya about something…


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