Phase 3!

24 September 2010 § 1 Comment

I just have to post, I’m too psyched up: after 4 months of wipes on the LK Heroic, we finally got to P3 – and we got there consistently, about 4 times within 10 attempts. We didn’t change anything, we just all…. clicked, and everything went so smoothly, it was unbelievable. Before tonight, we had some good attempts, but normally it was one good attempt in a sea of stupid wipes. We still have 26 attempts left (in itself a measure of our success, as normally one full night on LK would use a LOT more attempts than that), so we’ll probably extend on Wednesday, and once we’re done we’ll go play in Ulduar or Ruby Sanctum or something else. Stay tuned!

§ One Response to Phase 3!

  • Dawn says:

    You should expect a kill soon then. Phase 3 progression goes really quick in comparison to phase 2. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the fight when you get it. Good luck!

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