Dusting off the blog

25 January 2011 § Leave a comment

In the end, it took me a bit longer than a week to get to post again. The two weeks pre-expansion were crazy with “OMG I need to finish this before Cata release”; the two weeks post expansion were even crazier, with the amount of things there was to do. Then of course it was Christmas holidays and travelling, and so it has taken me two weeks since I got back from those to actually get to the point where I can dedicate time to the blog again. So, time for my patented bullet-points updates™!

  • Tsark got to 80 in about 5-6 days – as I’m sure everyone knows by now, the levelling curve is really not punishing at all. He is now in mostly blues and some epics – I admit I have not got him the crafted epics from Tailoring yet, mostly for lack of time/money/failing to see the point – I think I will get the pants soon. He’s exalted with all the dungeon factions except Dragonmaw, and exalted with Hellscream Defenders too. I need one achievement only to get my Cataclysm Hero and attendant drake, so that should happen soon (as soon as I coerce my trusty companions to carry me there). I am still Disc, though I’m getting more and more frustrated with the spec so that  may change soon.
  • Our 10-man raid is still running – in fact, has done 3 weeks of raiding and we are now 6/12: Conclave in Throne; Haifus and Valiona in Bastion; Magmaw, Omnitron, Maloriak in BWD. We are trying a different progression path, where we work a bit on each of the next boss in the instance, as opposed to focusing on one boss only – probably less efficient in terms of progression but better in terms of face grinding/boredom. As expected, we’re already down a few members: desperately need 2 healers (one of the two ideally would be a healer/ranged dps).
  • I somehow became guild leader of Dawn Vigil, my guild – and at the same time oversaw one of the biggest expansions of the roster of the guild itself. So much so that now we’re running something like 4 separate 10-man raids AND a 25-man raid at the same time. Expect some frustration and posts about guild leading in the near future too…
  • The 25-man raid is still scheduled to go, and should (fingers crossed) start up this week. We had originally set Feb 4 as the target date, but as people got to 80 relatively quickly and were raging to go, we pushed the date forward a bit. This of course meant scrambling to refill half the raid, because 50% of the people who had signed up had changed their mind/stopped playing/decided to go 10 instead. I have (thankfully) managed to give the raid leadership to three capable guildies, so that the day-to-day running of the raid is not on my plate too.
  • I have levelled up Alteria, my paladin, to be a healer for that raid. In fact, Alteria getting to 80 and starting Heroics was probably the catalyst to my frustration with the Disc spec, as I realised that the content I struggled so much to get through on Tsark could be healed a lot more easily on an (undergeared paladin).

So where does that leave the blog? Pretty much in the same place as before. Posts here will still be on priest healing, 10-man raiding, and questing in Azeroth, though there may be the odd post about paladin healing or about guild leading. I am, as always, happy to entertain suggestions, assuming any of the readers are still checking these pages after such a long hyatus. For now, I am signing off to go work on a couple of posts that I have planned for this – and I am sure that now that the blog is active again, we will have plenty of occasions to start conversations!


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