The Writer

I am a 38-year-old player of World of Warcraft – where my main character is an 80 Discipline Priest named Tsark, on the Horde side of Feathermoon (US). I live in Europe – in Paris, to be more precise. I play on a US server, set on Pacific Time – a timezone that is 9 hours behind my local time. As such, I tend I to group with the nighttime crowd, which includes a few US-based night owls, and some Australians.

As this is my first blogging experience, I’m not sure how much of my personal life will filter through the blog, so I guess I will update this page later on, if I need to.

The Blog

Like many blogs, this will collect my random thoughts on playing World of Warcraft, healing, playing a Discipline Priest, raiding and such. I raid with Dawn Vigil, which started out as a guild of Oceanians (Australian, New Zealand, Japan and Singapore, mainly), but in the time since it was founded has picked up a fair few nighttime Americans, and the random European like me. For Wrath, I decided to limit my raiding to 10-man raids – however, we’re not “strictly 10-man”, given 3 of our raiders have regular 25-man raids they attend as well (and we basically don’t care one way or another: we prefer raiding with friends than sticking to some rule for the sake of getting into some ranking)

The Characters

Tsark is my main as I said: he’s officially Disc/Shadow, although his shadow side is not emerging very often these days. Tsark has pretty much always been a healer, and he’s almost been my main: before him I never had gotten past level 25 on any character. I have a buttload of alts on Feathermoon, though experience has shown that I gravitate towards the caster classes. In the order they got to 80, I have Parocles (enhancement shaman and my one exception to the caster rule), Torjin (arcane mage, considering going back to Fire now that hit is not an issue anymore), Alteria (paladin tank/healer), Kleraton (boomkin/resto druid) and Gramlor (demo warlock).

As part of the Single Abstract Noun project that Tamarind and MissMedicina launched, I levelled Tessarquia, an elemental shaman, on Argent Dawn (US) – A. Being an altoholic, I am of course levelling another stable of alts to cover different roles/classes/professions. I am not sure how many, if any, will get to 80 before Cataclysm though.

I also have several other alts spread over different servers, but as they hardly ever go above lvl 40, I won’t list them all here 🙂


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