21 October 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m changing some of the links at the bottom of the page – and posting about it, because, yeah, they are at the bottom of the page, not the most obvious and easily accessible resource (just about the one thing I don’t like about my template).

Healer’s Heaven hasn’t been updated in a long time, so it will have to go – I’ll put it back on the list if I see it becoming active again. I did find I Like Bubbles, though, so I added that one in – which means the number of healing links stays constant.

I’m also adding a generic Resource category for links. Aside from the usual WowWiki and Wowhead, I’m also including Epic Advice – it’s a relatively new site, with an interesting (and open community) model: you ask questions, the community answers, and reputation/votes keep the best questions and answers visible. Go check it out if you can – and feel free to vote up my answers, or include my blog in the priest blogroll (I was too shy to self-promote me that way!).


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